About us

Hi! We are Chantelle and Ali Terai, co-creators of A Little Penguin’s Guide to Life.

Chantelle is a Primary School Teacher and Ali is an entrepreneur and thought leader who runs workshops in secondary schools as well as Founder and CEO of  Future Golf.

A Little Penguin's Guide To Life is all about all the principles we believed to be the most important in life. We wanted something we could read our son (now sons!) each night that would offer opportunities for us to have important conversations with him as he grew. After writing the book, we then found an extraordinary illustrator that brought our words to life, and what started off as a passion project for our son quickly spread amongst our friends.

We're now hoping that every child (& their parents!) have the opportunity to own a copy of the book that our sons adore and has helped us stay focused on the important things.

We hope you love our little penguin like we do!

Chantelle & Ali Terai